great referrals.

We are currently in development and
private beta with select partners.

The best candidates come from referrals.

Leverage your employees and their social networks to quickly identify high quality active and passive candidates.
The Job Groups Dashboard lists all connection groups created by the client.

Group co-workers into specific mini networks.

Link together hiring managers and their employees to pool their network connections. Then watch the referrals roll in.

Referrals a

Quickly review potential candidates.

Relevant network connections appear automatically in the Referrals feed. Our patent-pending algorithm produces the most recent active and passive candidates.

The Prospects page is a saved list of selected Movers for follow-up, employee feedback, and export.

Select the best candidates for feedback and followup.

As referrals enter the feed, assign them as potential Prospects of specific Job Groups. Then add feedback from referring employees.

  • Best candidates
  • Exportable CSV lists
  • Broad social signals
The Search page ranks all Job Group referrals who match your full-text search terms.

It’s simple and quick.

Both for recruiters and participating co-workers. Most importantly, it will make everyone's job easier and much more productive.