Frequently asked questions

Read or search through the FAQ below for help. If you have comments or additional questions, please contact us. We'd appreciate the dialogue.


General FAQ

Why was I invited to ReferralFeed?

An internal recruiter or hiring manager wants to leverage your connections for more potential employee referrals. Registration is fast and easy.

What is ReferralFeed? How does it work?

We all know the best job candidates come from referrals, and now you have a custom referral generator. ReferralFeed improves talent acquisition by identifying candidates who are more likely interested in your opportunities. You hand pick co-workers for a specific team networking group, and ReferralFeed produces a corresponding list of active and passive candidates.
ReferralFeed is the ultimate network recruiting tool. It is simple, quick, and very easy to use – both for recruiters and participating co-workers. Most importantly, it will make everyone's job easier and much more productive.

Why should I belong to ReferralFeed?

By automating employee referrals, ReferralFeed saves time for everyone: talent acquisition and management, co-workers, and candidates. Also, ReferralFeed is free for its current pilot customers in return for their feedback, both positive and negative. We cannot emphasize this point enough. If your company is interested in working with ReferralFeed, please contact us.

Will my company friends or I appear to be interested in leaving for a new job?

No, internal employees are screened out of results automatically. We understand that concern for yourself and your trusted network.

What are ReferralFeed's privacy measures?

Great question, and one that we take very seriously.

  • ReferralFeed is governed by the privacy guidelines of social networks, and uses only public information.
  • Results are limited to external referrals only – no internal employees.
  • Only registered internal employees can use your ReferralFeed website.
  • Viewing data or feedback within ReferralFeed is confidential.

What are ReferralFeed's security measures?

We have several strong security measures in place.

  • ReferralFeed sites are invitation-only.
  • A robust double-password system protects all users and their networks.
  • All activity occurs on a company-specific instance, a dedicated website with unique storage and users.
  • Our algorithm is locked up very safely.

How do I register for ReferralFeed?

A colleague in talent acquisition could invite you, or you could register on your own at $ Connect with your social network and confirm your work email address.

How do I reset my password?

Please contact us.

What social network info does ReferralFeed use?

Currently ReferralFeed uses public data from over 40 social networks, including Facebook and LinkedIn. More networks will be added on an ongoing basis.

I am logged out. How do I log in again?

Log in with your social network or the backup work email address and password in your inbox.

I've logged in. Why can't I see anything?

Most users are pooling their connections for use by talent acquisition as potential employee referrals. Contact your recruiter to get viewing privileges.


What are Groups?

We're referring to a Job Group, a collection of co-workers selected by a recruiter. The network connections in your group are pooled, and the recruiter sees the best of those referrals.

What is a Job Groups Dashboard?

It displays all of the Job Groups created by your company. It shows where you create and edit Job Groups, and use Referrals and Search to build a list of Prospects.

How does Edit Group work?

It allows a recruiter to assign roles in a Job Group. An employee can be assigned to any role(s) in an existing or newly created Job Group.

  • Recruiter - Enables all editing and exporting functions. Recruiter or hiring manager.
  • Managers - Enables only viewing of Job Groups and results. No input or editing.
  • Contributor - Contributes connections to a Job Group. Invited and assigned by a Recruiter.

How does Use Group work?

It displays the corresponding Referrals for that Job Group.

Why can't I see the results of Referrals, Search, or Prospects?

You're contributing to the Job Group only as a Contributor, and haven't been assigned the role of Manager. Contact a Recruiter in the Job Group.


What are Referrals?

Referrals are connected to at least one Contributor of a Job Group. They are more likely to be interested in learning of a new career opportunity. They may be active or passive candidates. The Referrals list changes all the time since our algorithm is running constantly.

What happens if I Hide a profile from Referrals or Prospects?

ReferralFeed hides the profile from that page and brings it back after 90 days.


What are Prospects?

A saved list of Referrals that you create for future use. A Prospect list can be created only by a Recruiter. All information from the Referrals page is duplicated to a separate saved list. From there you can edit some basic info and request feedback.

How does Prospect Feedback work?

An Recruiter clicks a +Feedback button to email the referring Contributor(s) automatically. Clicking +Feedback another time will send a reminder email. A Contributor gets the email, clicks the link inside, and comments directly in ReferralFeed. Each entry will be saved to the referral's page, anywhere it is shown - but only within your company's ReferralFeed site.

How does Edit Prospect work?

Key fields from LinkedIn are available for editing on this page only. So are open fields such as email, phone, and other URLs.

How does Export work?

Each Prospect, along with all data in Edit Prospect, will be exported to a .csv file.